Technical Specs

Program PPS Standard PPS Professional PPS Enterprise
Version 3.1.08 3.1.08 3.1.08
Database and thermodynamics
Physical solvents and salts
Amines (maximum per model) 9 (3) 9 (3) 9 (3)
Acid gases CO2/H2S CO2/H2S CO2/H2S
Thermodynamic database Encypted Encypted Plain text
Thermodynamic models / Vapor-EOS Ideal / Ideal
ProcedeChemPot / PR
Ideal / Ideal
ProcedeChemPot / PR
Ideal / Ideal
ProcedeChemPot / PR
Can run systems without water
Activity based thermodynamics
Unit operations
Flash drum
Formulator (Make-up stream calculator)
Black box separator
Liquid treater - - -
Unlimited number of unit operations
Flash types (2=PT/PQ; 6=PT/PQ/TQ/PV/TV/VQ) 6 6 6
Distillation ~ ~ ~
Rate based
Equilibrium based
Trays (types) 6 6 6
Dumped packings
Structured packings
Hydraulics models (pressure drop, flooding) 5 5 5
User defined pressure drop
Vendor hydraulic models (pressure drop, flooding) Sulzer (2012) Sulzer (2012) Sulzer (2012)
Number of different graph types (general) 19 19 19
Convergence improvement features (general) 3 3 3
Multiple sections
Side streams
Entrainment (bottom and top)
Partial refluxing (condenser and reboiler)
Interstage heating/cooling
Heat loss to surroundings
Isothermal operation (per phase)
Simulate model contactors (wetted wall / flat surface)
Section comparison mode
Columns ratebased functionality
Ratebased for solvents and acid gas
Ratebased for inerts
Ratebased for heat
Mass transfer parameter models (kl, kg, area) 14 14 14
User defined mass transfer parameters (kl, kg, area)
Tuning of mass and heat transfer parameters (kl, kg, hl, hg, area) (all species)
Tuning of diffusion (Dl, Dg) and flux (J) (per species)
Vendor mass transfer parameter models (kl, kg, area) - - -
Heat transfer parameter models (hg, hl) Predefined Predefined Predefined
Mass transfer models analytical 3 3 3
Mass transfer models rigorous Higbie Higbie Higbie
Number of different graph types (additional for ratebased) 12 12 12
Convergence improvement features (additional for ratebased) 3 3 3
Micro graphs of Higbie model - -
Usage of a fixed liquid or vapor phase for model reactors - -
Run multiple models (sequential queue)
Run multiple models (parallel) ~ ~ ~
Run panel(s) textual
Run panel(s) graphical progress (columns, recycles, solvers)
Unit converter
Run sequence tool
Mass balance validation tool
Solver (given a free parameter goal seek a target parameter)
Heat release curves
VLE parity tool (VLE, speciation, physical properties) -
RATE parity tool (Mass transfer, diffusion coefficients) -
Database publisher - -
Connection to third party software
Excel connector
Automized multiple runs via Excel connector -
Cape-Open for flowsheets - - -
Unit Sets
Pre-defined unit sets 3 3 3
User-defined unit sets
Model-defined unit sets
Backup feature for unit sets
Customizable stream tables (units / items)
Usage of mixed units for input
Fresh solvent specification
Partial runs (run selected blocks only)
Continued runs (runs can use previous run as initial estimate)
Automatic partial runs (runs only blocks that may have changed)
Real-time input validation
Error and warning messages during run
Error and warning messages after run
Graphical User Interface
Duplicate a single block within a flowsheet Copy/Paste Copy/Paste Copy/Paste
Full Cut/Copy/Paste support
Redo/Undo (25 levels)
Select/Drag/etc. multiple blocks
Rotate / change block icons while connected
Context sensitive help
Context sensitive right mouse menus
Mouse over events (show main data/results of block)
Extensive usage of colors to indicate status of blocks and flowsheet
Win Vista/7 features (Overlay/Marquee/Progress/Shake/Peek/Flip-3D) -
I/O Interface
Input file format P2S (PSML) P2S (PSML) P2S (PSML)
Combined input and output files
Drag & drop model files to interface
Multi document interface
Multiple executables interface
Export to clipboard and/or text
Export to Excel
What You See Is What You Get reports
Formatted PDF reports (requires a 3rd party PDF printer driver)
Formatted stream table
Sections in report 9 9 9
Customizable logo on each report page